1. Voice search

The prediction that more than 50% of online searches will be voice-based in 2020, has increased the need for implementing a voice-search friendly marketing strategy. Voice search is gaining momentum with the distribution of voice assistant devices, including Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. The increased use of voice search will compel marketers to incorporate voice technology into their digital marketing services.

How would Voice Search impact your marketing?

  • Increased value of Position Zero:

Position zero is the featured snipped box that appears above the organic google search results. The competition for no 1 ranking is slowing giving way to the competition for position zero. The advent of voice search has motivated people to search for queries by directly speaking into their devices rather than typing. Featured snippets answer the consumer questions directly. Consumers tend to ask questions to resolve their queries. Marketers must offer content that answers these specific questions searched by their audience. Organizing content in a question and answer format, using long-tail keywords instead of short-tail might help greatly. These answers increase the user experience while not letting them search further for unwanted details.

  • Inculcate mobile-friendly marketing:

Create a mobile-friendly website.
Voice-enabled devices are largely used all around the globe. To tap into the trend of voice search, marketers need to target voice-enabled devices. They need to ensure that their digital marketing strategy is efficiently applicable to these devices. In order to enhance the user experience of your visitors or customers, adapting to a voice search accessible marketing tactic becomes mandatory.

2. Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is now used extensively in the marketing industry. AI can effectively predict customer behavior based on their likes. They accurately determine what your consumer is thinking, which in turn helps to bring effective changes to your branding or marketing strategies. It also helps to segregate the target audience and generate valuable leads. This ensures that the right message is delivered to the right person. AI helps to solve data errors, generate personalized data on accurate predictions based on patterns.

How does it impact your marketing?

  • Chatbot:

chatbots assist a great deal in digital marketing for companies. They deliver a quick response to your visitors, help resolve a complaint in a timely manner, monitor consumer data and offer insights. They efficiently enrich customer engagement. These chatbots make great conversation starters for your visitors. These interactive sessions can pave the way for more quality leads. The chatbots can also upsell customers to increase your brand awareness. The detailed customer profiles provided by the bot enables you to customize your services.

3. Predictive marketing:

Predictive marketing is a marketing technique that uses data analytics to accurately predict future customer behavior. In this dynamic environment of information and easy availability, consumer choices can change increasingly. It is therefore important to prioritize these changes to stay ahead of your competitors. Predictive marketing determines which marketing action is most likely to succeed. These insights on consumer behavior enable companies to enrich their service experience. A proactive approach to the statistical data allows the management to effectively design the next best marketing strategy. These data-driven results generate better financial benefits in the long run.

How does it impact your marketing?

  • Improved customer engagement:

With handy data of predicted forecasts relating to consumer behavior, marketing ninjas can turn past shopping trends into future buying. Social media is a great platform to interact with your potential customers and derive data on their purchasing trends. Consumers are more than happy to receive personalized buying suggestions. Providing enhanced online shopping experience can further boost a marketing strategy. Customized promotions tend to be more impactful for your audience. It enriches customer experience with your product or service. Targeted email based on the customer’s previous usage also increases your customer engagement.

  • Efficient use of Budget:

A meticulous segmentation of data allows marketers to allocate relevant funds to the relevant marketing strategy. With the wrong options out of the basket, marketers can focus on the strategies that derive maximum results. Increased engagement promotes the lead generation, which further promotes sales and revenue. A proactive decision helps in directing marketing solutions in the right direction.

4. Interactive content

However, cliché it gets, Content is and will always be the king. Interactive content captures and maintains the attention of your audience. With the explosion of information and competitive marketing by sellers, interactive content has become a requisite. Your content not only has to be engaging and relevant but also accessible through various devices that are popularly used by the public. Interactive content creates more awareness and engagement than passive content. A company’s marketing strategy must mandate the use of interactive and compelling content. Interactive and SEO web content creates a lasting impact on your visitors.

How does it impact your marketing?

Online Quizzes: Social media quizzes help to escalate the reach of your brand. They help to generate new subscribers by capturing email ids of the users. It inadvertently leads to a strong email list and greater social reach. Sharable quizzes offer more reach. These quizzes entertain the audience and in turn also enrich your brand-awareness.

Infographics: Eye-catching creatives that offer a piece of information as well. Infographics create a persuasive impact on the public. They are easily sharable and can connect you efficiently with your target audience. Infographics inadvertently enrich your brand credibility, for providing an informative piece of media. This, in turn, develops a sense of trustworthiness among your target audience. Visual content is always well taken as compared to a textual one. Compelling infographics drive more traffic to your website. Once your audience has appreciated your work, they would come back for more.

Webinars: Webinars allow one to connect with a wider audience from around the globe. The company can provide some free but valuable information to help generate a lead for their services. Webinars allow you to showcase your expertise and enlighten the public on the value of your product or service.

Although extensive digital marketing trends surface the internet now and then, these four offer to be the most efficient. Marketers should sustain a proactive and open-minded approach while developing marketing strategies.