We take pride in being multifaceted craftspeople and thinkers, with the ability to deliver across a wide range of technologies.Our team of strategists, designers, content creators and web developers is committed to build what you need to meet your marketing goal.

Graphic Designer

If you find pleasure in visualizing and creating artistic illustrations, then we have an opportunity for you. Learn better with us.


Content Writer

Do you possess a drive to convert ideas effectively into words? If yes, then we have an opportunity for you. Join us to enrich your talent.


Social Media Manager

If you have a desire to expertise in the arena of social media, then we have an opportunity for you. Join us to upgrade your skillset.


Digital Media Manager

We are looking for a diligent individual with fundamental knowledge of digital marketing. If you are interested, then we have an opportunity for you.



If, communication is your forte and management your cherished skill, then don’t shy away from this opportunity. Join us to enrich your talent.


Client Servicing

We are looking for an interactive personality with a problem-solving approach. If you have a keen ear to listen and resolve queries, feel free to join us.


Web Developer

We are looking for an experienced web developer with reliable knowledge in PHP and WordPress. If you can contribute then we offer you an opportunity.


Marketing Executive

We are looking for a proactive individual with a keen desire to imbibe management skills. If you think you can contribute, you are invited.



Closed group of hardworking creators

We believe that working with a bunch of people, unfamiliar with our functioning process can be painful. Therefore, at Aghori Media House, we engage with a closed but passion-driven workforce that is enthusiastic enough to understand our frame of values and willing to walk the extra mile to upgrade our organization along with themselves.

Quality is our aim

We believe that all good things can’t be mass-produced. Instead of speedy haphazard completion, we focus on a flawless output.

Quick development assurance

What’s worse than a faulty product? A product that consumes an enormous amount of time. At our establishment, we work on scheduled deadlines to complete your project within the decided period. We deliver superior quality services while maintaining a decent time record. Sacrificing quality for the sake of rapid development is against our ideologies.

We focus on you first

Overwhelming response of a customer and the shortage of staff can break the backbone of any cooperation so at our company we only take one project at a time, but, commit to deliver precise work with zero setbacks.

In-house development

Problems are in abundance but the only way of solving those lies within.
Out-sourcing is a process that requires a lot of time and patience for development. But at our cooperation we’re impatient. Impatient to deliver you the end product which is a work of art.
We have a talented pool of people who are well-versed with developing projects in-house, hence you don’t have to worry about the quality.

No conditions apply

Successful Alliance is our motto and working on it is our duty.We believe that any good work relationship should require transparency and compliance. Hence at our cooperation, we have no middle man whatsoever. We strive to provide you with the best of what we can offer without any hidden conditions.

Aghori Media House Pvt. Ltd.